About us

Thai Marine Protection Co., Ltd. (TMP)

was found by a group of experienced engineers on June 18, 2008. TMP was started by commercialization of the successful research in aluminium anode. We are the first company which can manufacture the aluminium anode for cathodic protection in Thailand. TMP also specializes in corrosion protection and failure analysis of metal structure.

TMP History

TMP is the leading sacrificial anodes (galvanic anodes) manufacturer in Thailand. Now, we are expanding our business from cathodic protection alone to corrosion control business to fulfill the customer's need in the future.

2008: Commercialized the successful research of aluminum anode.
2010: Approved as an anode manufacturer by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and by DNV-GL in 2016
2014: Got ISO 9001:2008
2016 :
       - Got BOI promotion
     - Funded by National Innovation Agency to develop platform anode.
o 2017:
       - Funded by National Innovation Agency to develop concrete anode.
       - Got ISO 9001 : 2015
       - Become R&D company