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Rust Bullet Paint

Rust Bullet® Coatings
Application Guidelines

Rust Bullet® Standard, Rust Bullet® Automotive, ColorShell™, BlackShell®, WhiteShell™, Clear Shot™
The Rust Bullet® Standard and the Rust Bullet® Automotive Formula’s Patented New Technology provide superior corrosion control and protection. To ensure you achieve the best possible results, it is extremely important that these Application Guidelines are read thoroughly before use. Please refer to the most current Application Guidelines available at www.RustBullet.com or by calling Rust Bullet Customer Support at 800-245-1600.

The proper surface preparation prior to applying Rust Bullet coatings will ensure optimum performance. The surface must be completely dry and free of loose rust or paint, surface contaminates such as dirt, oily substances, salts, etc. Remove by lightly scraping, sanding or wire brushing. Use Rust Bullet Metal Blast for metal surface cleaning and conditioning prior to application when necessary. Do not use any other chemical for surface prep prior to application without consulting Rust Bullet Technical Support. Scuff up existing paint or coatings that cannot easily be removed with 100-150 grit sandpaper. This rule also applies to a previous coat of a Rust Bullet coating if 24 hours have lapsed between coats. No additional surface preparation should be necessary.

IMPORTANT: FAILURE TO FOLLOW STIRRING PROCEDURE BELOW MAY RESULT IN POOR COATING PERFORMANCE Do not open and stir a Rust Bullet coating when the coating’s temperature is below 32°F (0°C). Rust Bullet coatings must be stirred thoroughly until completely uniform and homogeneous (approximately 3 minutes), increase time if product has settled. Do not shake or use electric or mechanical mixing devices that may whip air into the product. Use Rust Bullet Solvent for thinning if necessary (ratio of 3% - 5% by volume).

Rust Bullet coatings may be applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment. Refer to Application Methods at www.RustBullet.com for application equipment details. All Rust Bullet coatings theoretical coverage is approximately 400 square feet per gallon/per coat depending on the method of application and the surface to be coated. It is critical that Rust Bullet be applied to achieve at least a 6 mil dft (0.006 inches or 0.1524 millimeters), usually a 2-3 coat application. A minimum 12 mil dft is required for industrial, commercial and marine applications. Apply in thin even coats; the first coat must be generous enough to soak through the rust to the steel or iron beneath with a second coat of Rust Bullet applied to completely seal the first coat; this cannot be done with any other coating material, including ColorShell, BlackShell, WhiteShell, or Clear Shot. Optimum drying time between coats of Rust Bullet is approximately 2 to 6 up to 12 hours. Cure time varies based on relative humidity and temperature of the surface. When applying additional coats, the previous coat should be dry to the touch and not wet or tacky; if there is no transfer of coating to a gloved finger it is safe to apply an additional coat. If 12 or more hours have lapsed, wait for Rust Bullet to cure for at least 24 hours then lightly scuff with 150 grit; enough to break the glaze to create a surface profile. The same procedure applies when using a topcoat that is not a Rust Bullet coating. With all topcoat paints, it is advised to check for compatibility and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If applying Rust Bullet ColorShells, BlackShell, WhiteShell, or Clear Shot independent of Rust Bullet Standard or Rust Bullet Automotive, a two-coat application is required. Recommended air or surface temperature should not be below 35°F (2°C) or above 110°F (43°C). Ideal application temperature is between 50°F (10°C) and 80°F (27°C) with humidity below 90%. Never apply a Rust Bullet coating while raining or under threat of rain. Do not apply to surfaces when existing temperature of the surface exceeds 190°F (90°C) or is below 32°F (0°C). After fully cured, Rust Bullet coatings have a service temperature range of 314°F (157°C) continuous, and can tolerate maximum temperature between 617°F - 662°F (325°C – 350°C) for up to 72 hours.

Use Rust Bullet Solvent for cleanup. If Rust Bullet Solvent is unavailable, xylene, toluene or acetone may be substituted. Rust Bullet residue will harden, destroying equipment if not cleaned immediately. Partially used containers may be resealed using Bloxygen to prevent curing for up to six months. Limit the time the container is opened. Immediately wipe clean any coating from the rim of the container before resealing. Never pour a Rust Bullet coating that has been exposed to air or moisture back into the container. If a skin has formed in a new unopened container or a sealed container, remove by cutting edge of skin at the skin/container surface. Discard of the skin properly. Stir until uniform, filter if necessary and apply. Rust Bullet coatings are packaged in unlined paint cans. If the coating is transferred to another container, a clean unlined paint can (or similar unlined metal container) must be used. Unopened cans have a shelf life of approximately two (2) years. The shelf life of opened cans not re-sealed using Bloxygen is approximately one month.

Use with adequate ventilation, and if necessary, use only respiratory protection authorized in the U.S. Federal OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134), equivalent U.S. State standards, Canadian CSA Standard Z94.4-93, the European Standard EN149, or EU member states. IMPORTANT: Protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection are recommended during set-up, application and cleanup; it is extremely difficult to remove Rust Bullet coatings from skin after about 10 minutes. Avoid open flames, pilot lights, sparks, heating elements, cigarettes, or any and all possible sources of ignition. For more complete coverage of safety issues refer to the GHS SDS at www.RustBullet.com.
Information contained herein is, to our best knowledge, true and accurate, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee. Since the conditions of use are beyond our control, Rust Bullet, LLC (the Company), disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use of our products and information contained herein. No person is authorized or empowered to make any statement or recommendation not contained herein, any such statement or recommendation so made shall not bind the Company. Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with existing patents covering any material or its use. The information is furnished upon the condition that the recipient shall make their own determination concerning suitability for their particular application.

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